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About us


Bioassay GmbH is specialized in biological assays within the framework of the development & quality control of pharmaceutical and chemical products. In the content and organization of our work we focus on core competencies which enables us to make efficient use of our resources. We shall continue to develop these resources in the future, paying particular attention to the needs of our customers.

Transparency and discretion

We carry out and document all our procedures in conformity with GLP & GMP standards, which is the basis for the reliability of our services. This guarantees the acceptability of the data generated in our laboratories. The inspection of quality standards carried out by regulatory authorities and in customer audits serves to encourage continuous improvement, inspire confidence and reinforce the transparency of our performance. It goes without saying that we handle all customer-specific data and processes with the utmost confidentiality. This is an integral part of our philosophy.

Customer orientation

We combine standardized processes with flexible organization, adapting constantly to the current needs of the market and our customers. This in turn enables us to extend the scope of our services.

Project managers are assigned to customers at an operative and administrative level and accompany them through all stages of their projects.

Bioassay GmbH is a subsidiary of Reaction Biology Europe. Visit www.reactionbiology.com to learn more about their products and services.